playESP helps amateur players and teams builds their stats!

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Play with the Elite Soccer Program, playESP.

PlayESP is a free web solution to help amateur soccer players build their statistical records through their experience and commitment with each soccer match, tournament, league.

The playESP's users need to create an account that allows them to build a player profile inside the platform. And select the league, tournament, and team where they belong. The team's selection would be possible if the team coach and the tournament manager created the team and the tournament in our database.

Soccer coaches and soccer tournament managers are welcome to use playESP, free of payments and subscriptions, to set up their teams and tournaments. The process starts creating a user account, build their respective profiles, and set up a tournament.

Stats of the complete tournament, each match, team, players will be stored in our database, using security protocols that allow only the players and coaches of each team to access the data. And to the tournament manager access the needed metrics to following the progress of each championship.

The data available on playESP about players, teams, tournaments will depend on each metric that coaches and tournament managers put in the system after each match. playESP doesn't count with field sensors that record specif metrics. All the metrics need to be provided manually to playESP after each soccer game. PlayESP web solution will provide a list of the most common parameters used to record results and statistics. We also offer the possibility to create custom metrics for teams or tournaments that want to explore new settings.

With playESP, we are changing the process of planning, executing, tracking, and promoting a soccer tournament, moving the status quo from the tedious spreadsheet to the possibilities of the digital technologies to serve the soccer lovers to continue enjoying the game for the happiness.

Andres Perea