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When I am in the field with my friends, I remember the reason why soccer is the most popular and most beautiful sport in the world. This possibility of sharing victories, defeats, goals and pain with a group of friends who understand your love of the game, the same ones that would do everything to help you reach success on and off the field, you can only experience this when through sweat on your jersey!
Every match, every challenge, is part of the most important Tournament in which I have ever played: The Tournament of the Friendship. There are no uniforms, referees, and much less TV cameras, but moments of struggle abound, one next to the other, and with the arrival of a goal, happiness and pleasure overflows our faces. When someone is struck by the adversary, we all run to defend our injured teammate, as one defends a good friend.
How many games in the Tournament of the friendship have we played? I have asked! And the number is beyond my memory. But I can say that ever since I have had the opportunity, I have gone out to fulfill this commitment with myself, with friendship, and with soccer! Now, my team can see its progress in real time, my friends can enjoy the best moments of each game in video, and we can challenge others teams in the city, now that we have PlayESP.
Create your team, organize your own tournament, invites other teams, or join in a Tournament in your city through PlayESP. Generate stats and those of your team with the results of each match; show that you have the best team of the city and get your participation in ESP tournament on your city.
Organizing more Tournaments of the Friendship is possible; it is free, for your community, your neighborhood, and your friends. Play more soccer, make friends, play with ESP.

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